— at Prosperity Leaders™ we train financial professionals
to expand financial literacy, and help communities…

Learn, Grow, Prosper!

What we do

We Train & Develop Financial Professionals, Educators, and Advisor to Expand Financial Literacy in the United States!


We help families manage their money, overcome financial challenges, and plan for a better future.


We assist entrepreneurs to diversify their investments, and take advantage of wealth building strategies for businesses.


We teach people to develop saving habits and apply investing principles & strategies.


We partner with organizations, schools, and churches to expand financial education in all communities!

Committed to Leadership & Prosperity

Jenny & Sebastian Rodriguez have worked hard to provide financial education to the most underserved communities since 2008.

Our Mission:

To train & develop financial professionals with a mission to help families plan and implement a better financial future.

Our Vision:

To give everyone the opportunity and education to transform from being a consumer to becoming an investor.

Do You want to provide free financial education in your community?
Let’s talk about that!


The Prosperity Family

At Prosperity Leaders we live under the three F’s of life; Faith, Family, and Finance! We embrace each and everyone’s differences,

The Prosperity Leaders:

The Leadership team take the main role of training and developing financial professionals and advisors..

The Prosperity Team:

Everyone at Prosperity Leaders has a mission to educate families build a better financial future.

The Fight To End Poverty!

We believe that poverty and lack of resources are 2 different things. We can fight scarcity thru development of employments and community help, but we can only fight poverty thru financial education.

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Prosperity Clients


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Prosperity Leaders

“ “When I started these classes (Prosperity Transformation Workshops), I didn’t know the importance of saving money. Thanks to all the Prosperity Team for the classes, and thanks to Jessica Figueroa for helping me start shaping my future. Thank you very much. “
Virginia Polychronopolous
Queens, NY
““I thank Prosperity Leaders for giving me the opportunity to learn about different ways to organize my finances. Thank you for this service to the community. “
Veronica Flores
Queens, NY

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Work Hours
Monday to Friday: 7AM - 7PM
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