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Frequently Asked Questions

Accordions are great for answering frequently asked questions.

What does GFI specialize in?

Global Financial Impact (GFI) specialize in providing comprehensive financial strategies for families, along with offering entrepreneurial opportunities for individuals interested in building their own financial services business.

How can your services help my family's financial future?

Our services are designed to help families plan and secure their financial future, including savings for college, retirement planning, and achieving overall financial security.

What is the GFI Business Opportunity?

The GFI Business Opportunity allows individuals to become business owners in the financial services industry. We offer training, support, and a platform to build a successful business.

"GFI was built on a strong foundation never seen in the industry, and our team will grow with it by inspiring 1 Million Families to Dream Again by 2030"

Sebastian Rodriguez
Sebastian Rodriguez

Executive Marketing Director, GFI, LLC.