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at Prosperity Leaders™ we train financial professionals
to expand financial literacy, and help communities…

Learn, Grow, Prosper!

Our Story

Committed to Prosperity & Leadership!

Jenny & Sebastian Rodriguez have worked hard to provide financial education to the most underserved communities since 2008.

In 2015, they took their work to another level by founding Prosperity Leaders, an agency that trains financial professionals with a mission to help families implement a financial plan to achieve their goals, and a vision that everybody gets the opportunity to learn, grow, and prosper!

Our Clients

Our Mission is to Help Everyone; Learn, Grow, & Prosper!



Most of our clients are families who desire to overcome financial challenges and plan for a better financial future.



Young and Adult individuals seek our services to understand how personal finances work and build saving habits for them.



Most business owners invest all they have in their business and lack the knowledge of diversifying their wealth portfolio..



Entrepreneurs are typically the ones who change the world, but cannot accomplish this without taking care of their own finances.


What Our Clients Say

“When I started these classes (Prosperity Transformation Workshops), I didn’t know the importance of saving money. Thanks to all the Prosperity Team for the classes, and thanks to Jessica Figueroa for helping me start shaping my future. Thank you very much. “

Virginia Polychronopolous

“I thank Prosperity Leaders for giving me the opportunity to learn about different ways to organize my finances. Thank you for this service to the community. “

Veronica Flores

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