Karen Araujo

Karen Araujo is a licensed financial professional in New Jersey. She helps families go from consumers to investors by teaching them the financial concepts, laws, and strategies that wealthy individuals know and use.
Karen Araujo
Karen Araujo
Insurance Protection

The most important part of preparing for the future is protecting it. As an independent agent, I can help you prepare for uncertainty. Whether you outlive your retirement, pass away unexpectedly or become disabled, there are products that can help protect the life you’ve built for you and your loved ones.

Retirement Strategies

The key to a successful retirement is one that doesn’t require you to compromise your lifestyle or wonder if and when your nest egg will run out. As an independent agent, I can provide a variety of options to help you prepare for your leisure years confidently without having to sacrifice your quality of life.

College Funding

No parent wants to compromise the quality of their children’s education, yet tuition costs continue to rise. Whether you’re preparing to send your first – or fifth – child to college, I am here to share useful tactics on how to effectively support your children’s future while still saving for yours.

Life Insurance

A comprehensive life insurance policy is key to protecting those you care about most. Whether you are looking for simple and inexpensive coverage or a policy that offers additional benefits such as retirement income, I can walk you through the main types of insurance and decide which one is right for you.

Business Strategies

Small business owners need financial and insurance options for themselves and their employees, and they need to ensure the future security of their businesses. I can help structure strategies for employees and owners to help ensure if- or when- something happens, those who own and run the business are protected.

Estate Planning

Without a personal legacy plan, the value of your estate can be eroded by taxes and assets may be dispersed in unintended ways. I can work with your attorney and tax professional to fund legacy strategies that can include life insurance products to keep your loved ones secure long after you’re gone.

About Karen:


I have professional experience in cross-cultural organizations. These opportunities helped me develop great social and networking skills. I have realized that personal and collective development are very important nowadays. I strongly believe in the power of interpersonal and professional relations to add value to our daily social interactions using the right global platforms for that.
I offer advice about how you can expand yourself and/or your business by increasing your knowledge of Wealth and Protection to best capitalize on your network and personal relations. 


Mi experiencia profesional y social en organizaciones interculturales, me ayudaron a desarrollar excelentes habilidades sociales y de redes. Me he dado cuenta de que el desarrollo personal y colectivo es muy importante hoy en día. Creo firmemente en el poder de las relaciones interpersonales y profesionales para agregar valor a nuestras interacciones sociales diarias utilizando las plataformas globales adecuadas para eso.
Asesoro sobre cómo capitalizar su red y relaciones sociales aumentando su conocimiento sobre Riqueza y Protección y tener un alcance global. Sin importa donde te encuentres.Crezcamos juntos!

Solution Provider/ Proveedora de Soluciones 
Financial Protection Advisor/ Asesoría en Protección Financiera
Life Insurance Advisor / Asesor de Seguros de Vida
Spreading Latin Culture as Spanish Instructor/ Difundiendo la cultura latina como Instructora de Español 
Former InterNation Ambassador/ Ex-Embajadora InterNations
AIESEC Alumnus / Alumnos de AIESEC

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